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Age of Aquarius Kind Of Drag Queen

Good morning my little Shellistas, my precious CandiFans, and thank you for reading my blog. I just wanted to check in because it's a brand new year. It's 2021, and things are happening...! Did you know that the official Age of Aquarius has just begun in the past few weeks? That seems very telling, especially with this new exchange of power in the US.--Shifting from the dying spasms of the black and white, often deceptive Age of Pisces into the new standards, open format and abstraction of the Age of Aquarius.

Then, last week on Friday, I wrote a new song--my bioqueen drag daughter Crystal Diamond also wrote a new song that same day, which told me something was happening cosmically. My tune is called Bubble Bop, and it's kind of about all of us being in our bubbles and how, when you fall in love, it becomes a bubble of two. Here's a pic of Crystal and I:

I just adore all of my drag daughters. Unfortunately I've never been with a man. How the heck did that happen??

Feels like, since the new year happened, I'm feeling kind of blah when it comes to updating all my socials. Any advice for getting a fresh dose of inspiration? I'd love to hear from you my hunnies!! Hope everyone is having a terrific January, and if it's chilly where you are, I'm blowing you a warm breeze from Honolulu.



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